12 Free Akatsuki Assault Gift Codes

Welcome to MahaGamer. if you know how to get free rewards in the game using Akatsuki Assault Gift Codes also this is free to use in the game this will make your gaming experience higher.

I want to tell you something that every game provides free gift codes to players these are basically provided by game developers for players to it and collect the same bonus in the games.

If you want to free rewards in the game then we provided codes that are helpful for you lest talk about it.

In this post, we provide here 12 working codes for the Akatsuki Assault game you need to just follow this simple guide and claim free rewards.

What Are Akatsuki Assault Gift Codes

Akatsuki Assault Gift Codes are the text code that it uses to claim free rewards in the game. Here we provided some latest codes for you.

Before you claim it I want to tell you something you keep in your mind the one gift code is used for once and that is valid for a time.

we provide all working codes at the top of the table list you will start claiming from the top of the list.

Gift CodesRewards
VIP66650 Chakra Crystal, 100 Talisman.
KAGE999Lucky Token, 20,000 Ninja EXP, 100
Red Diamonds, Summon Ticket.
NARUTOGG112 abattoir Entrance Ticket, 100K Gold, 2 Red Diamondanced, Summon Ticket.
NARUTOGG12200K Gold, 50 Red Diamond, 1x Summon Ticket.
NARUTOGG33100K Gold, 100 Red Diamond, 2x Summon Ticket.
NARUTOGG4450K Gold, 150 Red Diamond, 2x Summon Ticket.
CHAKRA77100K Gold, 50 Red Diamond, 2x Summon Ticket.
hy5203-Class Elite Choice Card.
Ninja6662 Lucky Tokens, 20,000 Ninja EXP, 200 Red Diamonds, and 5 Basic Summon Tickets.
naruto88885 Lucky Tokens, 20,000 Ninja EXP.
VIP999100 Chakra Crystal, 50 Talisman, Token.
VIP88850 Chakra Crystal, 100 Talisman, 100K Gold.
Akatsuki Assault Gift Codes List

Can I Redeem Gift Code in Akatsuki Assault

Here is a complete guide to redeeming gift codes in the Akatsuki Assault game this step is used by me and I have shared it with you to help you.

Akatsuki Assault Gift Codes
Akatsuki Assault Game Gift Codes Option

You can follow just we listed steps and trust me you will get free rewards in the game.

  1. Step: Open the Akatsuki Assault game on your Android phone.
  2. Step: Then click on your profile in the game.
  3. Step: Choose the system settings option.
  4. Step: Click on the pack exchange button.
  5. Step: Enter the gift code in please enter correct code section.
  6. Step: Then press the exchange button.

When you complete these steps you will get lots of rewards in your game and they are also free.

Also, it is a very helpful video on youtube this will show a screen recording of how to use gift codes in the Akatsuki Assault game.

Guide video for Akatsuki Assault Game

FAQs About Akatsuki Assault Game

Can I Get free diamonds in Akatsuki Assault?

My answer is yes, there are so many options to get free diamonds in the Akatsuki Assault game most working and useful way is gift codes you will get free diamonds using gift codes.

Is Akatsuki Assault Safe?

This game is available on Google Play Store which means this is checked by the play protect and play store teams. that is why it is a safe game for you.

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