Is 4GB RAM Enough for MacBook Air?

Is 4GB RAM Enough for MacBook Air?
Is 4GB RAM Enough for MacBook Air?

RAM or Random Access Memory is the unwritable and non-volatile memory that digital devices utilize for handling computational tasks. We usually emphasize buying a powerful processing unit without resizing that having sufficient RAM is equally important.

Though RAM plays a considerable role in evaluating the computer’s ability to multitask, it is recommended to go with a higher amount when buying a new device. With so many variations in tech specifications, users often ask: is 4GB RAM enough for MacBook Air?

Let’s try to get a reasonable answer to this question.

What Is RAM and How Does It Work?

RAM, in general, is a temporary storage space that computers can access. You cannot store data on RAM; only your computer does, and that for a shorter duration. The RAM enables the CPU and the GPU to run programs and perform various functions seamlessly.

The computer can write or rewrite data to RAM faster while this data stays on RAM while a particular task is being processed. Suppose you end your gameplay, the data associated with the gaming app will be cleared on RAM, and space will be allocated to other tasks.

When you are playing a game, editing a video, or handling any other resource-intensive task, the computer keeps writing, rewriting, and overwriting data in the RAM. Once a program or app is closed, any relevant data is cleared immediately from memory.

For any minor to major task you do on the computer, RAM is used. From navigating a folder to storing a file to writing programming code, RAM is important to view apps, access files, and other similar functions. Therefore, it is important to have a high RAM.

How to Check RAM on Mac?

How to Check RAM on Mac?
How to Check RAM on Mac?

Checking RAM regularly is essential if you use a device with limited memory, such as Apple MacBook Air or a low-budget laptop. Keeping track of RAM will help you control its use when multitasking. It will prevent you from opening multiple resource-heavy apps all at once.

If you do not check RAM usage regularly, more and more apps running in the background will become heavier and resource-consuming over time. If you notice that your Mac fan is loud, the fan must be running at full force, and you need to solve the issue before it gets out of hand.

To check your RAM on macOS, click on the Apple logo and select About This Mac. Click on the Overview tab (if not selected by default) and take note of the RAM volume displayed in the Memory section. This is the overall RAM you have on your MacBook Air.

Now to check the available volume of RAM, click on the Storage tab. Here you can check the available memory space you have to run your apps, files, and other data. For monitoring your Mac’s performance in real-time, use Apple’s native app – iStat Menus.

To view iStat Menus on your MacBook Air, go to Mac’s menu bar, and you will see the widget that will give you a captivating view of CPU processor, RAM usage, processing power, and other resources that various processes are currently using.

Let’s get back to the question that most users often ask: is 4GB RAM enough for MacBook Air?

How Much RAM Is Sufficient?

Before purchasing a laptop, it is worth determining the amount of RAM to avoid slowdowns later. So if you are buying a MacBook Air with 4GB RAM, keep in mind that it is a basic level of memory that will allow you to perform average tasks like browsing the web, accessing apps, emailing, and so on.

If you are looking to handle heavy tasks like video editing, coding, gaming, or 3D image rendering, you would require more RAM, maybe in the future. Even if you open three to four tabs in your internet browser, you will see a noticeable slowdown, which is difficult to tackle at a later stage.

Apple MacBook Air is known to be the most lightweight and portable laptop available on the market. The Intel Core i5 4th generation device is powered with 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM, and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Although it allows you to work efficiently when the app you are working on consumes limited resources, you won’t be able to multitask.

For example, downloading a file in the background while working on an editing app or watching a YouTube video can be a challenge. Considering all the limitations, it is recommended that you must buy a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM. Anything lower than that will impact your performance and productivity in the long run.

How to Manage RAM?

How to Manage RAM?
How to Manage RAM?

Experiencing a system slowdown due to insufficient RAM in your laptop? If a majority of RAM on your MacBook Air is used by active apps and processes, you will experience issues such as:

  • Spinning beach ball
  • Performance issues
  • Freezing apps
  • Sudden system shutdown
  • Slower internet browsing

In most cases, restarting the laptop will resolve the problem. When you turn off and then turn on your Mac, it will empty the RAM and wipe away all the data stored on it. You will experience smooth functioning of your MacBook Air soon after.

Apart from that, updating macOS to the most recent version may also help. If that doesn’t work, limit the login items, remove unnecessary apps, and control your system graphics as much as possible to conserve RAM and improve your laptop’s performance.

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