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Hello, Friends Welcome to Mahagamer. Get here PK XD Codes 2022, We are updating here daily new PK XD Code for free you will redeem this PK XD Codes for free Gems and other in-game rewards. Redeem this PK XD Codes 2022 before expiry this codes valid up to a date and time, These codes are valid for limited users, and old gift codes are not working you will try this PK XD New Codes and claim free gems, rewards, and gifts in the PK XD game.

PK XD is the most popular game in the world pk xd is my favorite game, Pk xd is literally one of the best games I’ve ever met to in google play store, I am really loving those updates which’ve been developed in this game, but honestly, it would’ve been so much more fun if there would be transports, and also if this pk xd virtual world could be extended a little bit more so it would be triple times more fun to play with this amazing game.

PK XD Codes 2022

Here provided all pk xd codes are new and working codes you will use these codes in the game for free rewards and gift packs.

PK XD CodesGift Code Rewards
Typk22xdjeeny423Redeem this code for pk xd free gems and coins
LULUKAPKXDRedeem this code for pk xd free gems and coins
ROGTODBBN50L0Redeem this code for pk xd free gems and coins
PKXDGIFTRedeem this code for pk xd free gems and coins
PKXDGIFT2022Redeem this code for pk xd free gems and coins
GIFTPKXD2022Redeem this code for pk xd free gems and coins
TIMEBRANCOALARedeem this code for pk xd free gems and coins
PXXDMTIMEBRRedeem this code for pk xd free gems and coins
POPRedeem this code for pk xd free gems and coins
LULUCAPKXDRedeem this Gift code for pk xd free gems and coins
ROGTODBBN50L0Redeem this creator code for pk xd free gems and coins
TEAMBRANCOALA Redeem this creator code for pk xd free gems and coins
PK XD Codes 2022

How to Redeem PK XD Codes

Follow these steps and redeem pk xd codes for free gems.

  • First open “PK XD” Game on your device.
  • Click on “+” icon the on main screen.
PK XD Creator Codes
PK XD Creator Codes
  • Located at right sight on screen.
  • and “Scroll right sight” on your screen.
PK XD Creator Codes Today
PK XD Codes for free Gems
  • Then press the “Insert Code” button.
  • Enter PK XD code in the insert the code here section.
PK XD Creator Codes Today
pk xd secret codes 2022
  • Press Right side “Activate” button.
  • Claim your Rewards in your Game.
  • Enjoy your free rewards

PK XD official website –

PK XD Codes 2022

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How to Use PK XD Gift Codes Video

Watch this video for how to use pk xd gift codes for free gems.

PK XD Codes

Top 5 PK XD Reviews

Palak Priya Srivastava
★★★★★ 5-Star
This is such an amazing game!! It literally predicted the future generation of our world!! Also I would love if more games were added to arcade like that air hockey one!! And honestly, I don't want this update of 2nd anniversary of PK XD to be gone! I was soo excited and I love it!!

Marzin Charline
★★★★★ 5-Star
The second anniversary is great! I have one problem though, it is not letting me collect my prizes from the event pass. Please fix this as I love this game so much!

Milu Milu
★★★★★ 5-Star
This game is too cool, this have events, Cloths, house,and many more. This game has so much fun we can click photo and edit it we can like photos , we can edit our house make friends play with friends and more. I love this game I play it always. Thank you for making this.

Eleanor Octa
★★★★★ 5-Star
Its fun,but little ofline,but the game is fun. I love the games, i make my house purple, and i have no pets yet too but its still fun, but now i have a pets i have 2 pets already! One of them is a cat and shark its epic !

Barsa Nayak
★★★★★ 5-Star
Everything is very nice. I have tried 300 games till now but this is the bestest game I have played. But you should add flight, hawk (train) etc . You should also add gun gaming in this so that we can play with guns too . Other wise very good game . I hope you will add these things.

PK XD Game Features

This world is yours! In addition to exploring and facing challenges, you can try different activities: relax on the floats, eat ice cream, jump really high with the power up, dance and have fun with your community!

Your experience is even more complete with a virtual pet! From common to rare, find lots of cute creatures to accompany you in the game. Take good care of them and see how much they can evolve by your side!

Your character, your rules! You can be anything you want, use your imagination to combine all available items: monster slippers, futuristic boots, amazing wings, ninja swords, cat mask, fashionista clothes and much more.

We always plan very special moments for you to enjoy! Take part in our events like Halloween, Easter and Christmas, with amazing decorations around the Island, challenges and themed items!

Decorate the perfect house, however you like. The only limit is your imagination! Take a peek at the items you can find: Cloud Sofa, Dance Mat, Soft Mats, Player Chair, Kitchen Items, Bathroom Items, and more!

Play the funniest minigames with your friends. How about participating in a Crazy Run, breaking the record at the Pet Parade or delivering pizzas to earn coins? Enter Arcade and win all challenges!

What is the creator code? in PK XD

In the premium store, there is a section called “Creator Code,” which provides actions and promotions for content creators participating in the PK XD Creators program. These promotions happen from time to time, and the content creators themselves disclose the active codes, which give discounts on packages or access to free gifts.

How to get coins? in PK XD

There are several ways to get coins within the PK XD universe! Jenny, from our original series Jenny and the City, has some tips to share about how she earns her money!
1. Compete in Crazy Run.
2. Log in to PK XD every day.

How to get gems? in PK XD

The most common way to get gems is through the Surprise Boxes: you can find them hidden around the PK XD universe while exploring, or you can win a box for every 5 minigames completed.
Another option is to buy a package of gems directly from the store, accessed by clicking the “+” symbol. There are several options and offers available!

What is the use of Gems? in PK XD

Gems are used to buy PK XD luxury items, so getting them can be a bit more work. Don’t worry, your effort is worth it!

How Can I Get PK XD Codes?

PK XD publish their codes on their official Pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. Most of the time, the developers publish the codes on special events like game anniversaries game re-birth, game followers, and game other special events. Visit mahagamer for daily new codes for pk xd and get free gems in the pk xd game.

Where to Redeem PK XD Codes?

Friends you will redeem pk xd codes in the insert codes section in the game and get free rewards and gifts in the pk xd game, Like free gems, and visit mahagamer for daily new pk xd gifts and rewards codes.

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