Pubg Mobile Lite 0.24.1 Update Download

Pubg Mobile lite community is giving new updates and working daily for pubg mobile lite’s future updates a Few days ago Pubg Mobile Lite 0.24.1 Update Download are released in this update so many unique features are included if you want to get this update on your device then check the following details and new features of pubg mobile lite.

Pubg Mobile Lite is the most popular game in the world this game was published by Tencent on the google play store and their official websites today we will discuss pubg mobile lite’s new beta update. this is a real word RPG and all-type game.

Pubg Mobile Lite 0.24.1 Update Features

Pubg Mobile Lite Updated comes with amazing features in the pubg lite update these features are as follows.

  • The first Feature is added a button to change server location in pubg mobile lite game. if you want to change your server location in pubg lite then you will click on the settings button – press the change server button and you can also able change the server in the pubg lite game.
  • The second big update is the fixed visita bugs and glitches all door not opening problems in the game are fixed in the pubg lite beta update.
  • The next Update is pubg mobile lite changed the same graphics in this gun damage color are changed from red to green this is also a very amazing look.
  • Pubg Lite Updated their logo to Pubg Mobile Lite 2023 Title was added to the logo for coming features in 2023.
  • New Guns Skins were added and added new sniper guns in the classic map.
  • Stadium bugs are fixed.
  • Only One Time needs to connect VPN then always run without a VPN connection.
  • Pubg Lite added a new daily bundle event
  • Pubg Lite added an option to change the server this option in the settings.
Pubg Mobile Lite 0.24.1 Update DownloadLink
Pubg Mobile Lite 0.24.1 UpdateDownload from PUBG Lite Official Website
Pubg Mobile Lite 0.24.1 Update Download

Bugs in Puibg Mobile Lite 0.24.1 Update

  1. the first bug is the enemy creates auto-hide in pubg lite new update after you finish the enemy then you create not showing you will face this problem with the same guns.
  2. you will not change your server before 14 days. after 14 days you will change your server in pubg lite.
  3. The Pubg lite 5BC option was removed by pubg lite game developers. you will not able to collect 5BC watching videos this option was removed by pubg lite.
  4. In Pubg Mobile Lite loading problem is showing.

Pubg Mobile Lite Beta 0.24.1 Update Download

Pubg Mobile Lite released their beta version for players and fixing bugs and added new features in pubg lite you will download the pubg lite beta version and play the new game and enjoy the new features. if you want to download pubg lite beta then click on the following link and download.

Note: without vpn this site is not working first you will connect a VPN to the Singapore server or another server then you will download this version.

Pubg Lite Beta Version DownloadDownload Link
Pubg Mobile Lite Beta Version 0.24.1Pubg Lite Beta Version
Pubg Mobile Lite Beta 0.24.1 Update Download

Watch this video for how to Download and install Pubg Lite Beta Version on your android device.

Pubg Mobile Lite Beta 0.24.1 Update Download

Pubg Mobile Lite 0.24.1 Update Download Size

This pubg mobile lite version also has amazing features size of this version is around 1GB and the next update size is around 800 MB you can also enjoy this new version’s amazing features.

How to Get Pubg Mobile Lite New Beta Version?

Dear players, if you want to play pubg mobile lite’s new versions and then you will go to pubg mobile lite mailbox click on the beta test email, and get your pubg lite beta version. the second way is also you will restart the game and see a popup message for a beta update on your screen you can click on this message and get your beta version for free.

What Are Pubg Lite Redeem Codes?

Pubg Mobile Lite Redeem Codes are the codes for free rewards like free BC in the pubg lite game. free gun skins, and outfits you will get free rewards using redeem codes in the pubg lite game these are the best and most free ways to get free rewards in the pubg lite game.

Pubg Lite Beta Version Download?

if you want to download the pubg lite beta then click on the upper side table link and download the pubg lite beta for free and enjoy your gaming experience.

How to get a blank space name for PUBG Mobile Lite?

Guys, you can create an Invisible Name in your PUBG game by using a very simple trick. Simply you have to follow the steps given by us to make your PUBG name invisible or blank. Simply go to the blank space copy paste website then follow the steps given there to copy the invisible name for PUBG. Then go to your profile section in the game and paste it there. That is it you are ready to go now.

Get Blank Space from Here: Blank Space for PUBG Name

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